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Abhineha’s Ceremonial Hall
Willow Tower Shopping, Vasant Garden,Near Swapna Nagari Mulund ( West)
Mumbai – 400 080.
Tel No : 2164 5007 / 2164 1266
4012 5020, 2164 0644

Hemant Caterers
Thane (West) – 400 602.
Tel. No. 25361719/25336909

Kalidas Cafe
Swimming Pool, Mulund Sports Complex,
P.K. Road, Mulund (west)
Mumbai – 400 080.
Tel No : 2564 7105 / 2564 2167

The Sarvajanik Shikshan Sanstha Hall
N.G. Purandare High School
V.P. Road, Mulund – 400 080.
Tel No : 55744462

Suyog Hall
Suyog Co-Op. Hsg. Society Ltd.
Sant Dnyneshwar Road,
Mulund (East),
Mumbai – 400 081.
Tel No : 2163 8075

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About us

Abhineha’s Ceremonial :
A success story of
अन्नपूर्णा and अतिथ्य

Abhineha’s Ceremonial is the story which started 31 years ago. It’s also a story of Hemant Ranadive who was in his early twenties when the seeds of Abhineha’s Ceremonial were still to be sown.

As any self-made entrepreneur, Hemant started on a very small scale with an ambition to attain the excellence in his field called Catering Services. “The ambition in this field is like a guard’s cabin. It comes at the end. You have to begin for your clients” says Hemant when asked about his ambition and the start-up story. “You drive your organisation for your clients, their needs, their expectations, their reception, the food you offer them, the ambience you design for them, the pleasant atmosphere you create for them. All these are important compartments of any catering organisation. Quality and service act as a fuel. This is the 24 hours running mechanism of this business. You have to care for your customers first, and then comes at the end, your ambition. “ adds Hemant in his cordially soft voice.

“Yes, I had an ambition. I had started in Thane on a very small scale but with a perfect vision. Thanks to my training in Catering College. Thane was not like what we see today when I started. Three decades ago, it was like a traditional district place and the trends of globalisation were yet to be known. The scope for catering business was indeed limited. Sincerely, the path was not that easy. It was a long chasing dream for anyone from a middle class family. I remember that one of the restaurents I was running in Thane, was meaningfully named ‘Yadnya’. I have learnt in my life that running a Catering business is no less than a Yadnya Karma. In fact it’s more of a mission than a business. I am happy that I could please my patrons and customers on a continuous basis, and after a journey of 31 years which still keeps on at Abhineha’s Ceremonial, I thank god and all those who stood by me on every turn in the life of this mission.“

Hemant’s story is inspiring. The success and goodwill of Abhineha’s Ceremonial is simply envying. “Do not forget that अन्नपूर्णा and अतिथ्य are the two sides of the same coin” Hemant adds while expressing his gratitude towards customers. The cream of his valuable experience and catering wisdom can be seen at Abhineha’s Ceremonial. May it be the palace like royal ambience, may it be the most courteous staff in the lively neat uniform serving you the hot and attractive mouth watering dishes, the soothing music being played around, you will always have the relaxation you were searching for. Abhineha’s Ceremonial is that success story which most of the socially connected people in Mulund and Thane, have witnessed themselves. You will find VIPs and people from Bollywood, Drama, Politics, Literature and from several other walks of life, prefer Hemant Caterers’ food and service. Right from the great literateur Pu La Deshpande to Shivsena Supremo Balasaheb, and from Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar to Sandeep Patil and Yuvraj Singh, all have praised Abhineha’s Ceremonial. Some of the testimonials and the photographs decoding the milestones of 3 decades of Hemant Caterers’ journey to the top, can be seen on the pages of Photo Gallery and Testimonials pages of this website.

Now, after reading all this quite inspiring, you feel like meeting Hemant personally, and to have a glance on the ambience of Abhineha’s Ceremonial. Don’t you?

We are always eager to welcome you here at Abhineha’s Ceremonial.