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About Abhineha’s Ceremonial

अन्नपूर्णा and अतिथ्य are two sides of the same coin

Food is that omnipotence that doesn’t just capture souls, but caresses them with love. At the Ceremonial Banquet, we believe in bringing soul into a recipe and combining it with the sheer joy of celebration.

Manifestly representing the Indian archetypal, we deliver unforgettably regal experiences to all our guests. Specializing in different cuisines including Indian, Continental and Oriental, we love tickling the taste buds of our guests through soul stirring gastronomic experiences. Strategically located in an area fringed by an aura of beautification, and spatially placed in a way that is favorable for a positive flow of energy, we make sure we don’t lack anywhere.

With a humble Namaste we await your arrival and hope to charm you with our supreme hospitality.